Posted on Jan 17, 2019

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Haunted Talks by Jay Alani

Jan 27, 2019 – Jan 27, 2019
Jay Alani, a Paranormal Investigator who has investigated more than 40 Indian Haunted locations and have investigated more than 110 cases of said paranormal activities, will be sharing his spine-chilling experiences.

He will be sharing what he thinks about the reality of paranormal world. A man who strongly believes in paranormal awareness is on a mission of changing the perspective of the very supernatural existence.

So, have you been hearing numerous horror stories, haunting reports, magical myths, alien invasion, ghost possessions, scary exorcisms, god-men or about people with unbelievable supernatural powers? Are you scared of ghosts, demons, devils, witches, or any scary figure haunts you while the sleep-paralysis episode?

Yes! Then welcome join us on 27th January (Sunday), which will be utterly chock-full with all of it presented on a brilliant platform which is meant to talk about everything, Paranormal. HAUNTED Talks is one such platform where different communities sit and discuss about the myths, the beliefs, and the ghosts. Being a part of HAUNTED Talk doesn’t only make you be open and talk about it but it also becomes a great real-life paranormal storytelling platform where people share their stories and they also discuss the possibilities.

India, being the world’s biggest market of blind faith, superstition, wrong-belief system and paranormal apparitions desperately needs Paranormal Awareness.

Let’s Talk Paranormal.
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